Mr. G's Express is the most advanced car wash in Emporia.

Our state-of-the-art wash system is fully automatic and allows you to remain in your vehicle. Sit back, relax, and have a sparkling clean car in just 3 minutes with advanced cleaning you won't find elsewhere!


License Plate Readers

When you pull up, our license plate readers automatically match your vehicle to your account.


Conveyor Belt

Once you enter the wash, our conveyor belt system smoothly moves your vehicle through the wash tunnel. Simply put your car in neutral and enjoy the ride.



This service applies a colorful rainbow of gentle foam, providing the deepest possible clean while conditioning your car.

Soft Touch Wash

Our wash uses a brushless, all cloth wash in the tunnel. Cloth washes are used by the world’s leading car companies including BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar to clean their cars. Our soft touch wash is fast, eco-friendly and delivers showroom results.


Underbody Blast

A multi-nozzle spray to remove dirt and grime underneath the car.

Wheel Cleaner

Rotating high-pressure washers that align with each wheel.


Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine

Applies Simoniz carnauba wax to your entire vehicle, giving it that perfect finish without the effort of hand-waxing.


Clear Coat Protection

Clear Coat Protection is the final step applied to your car. The Clear Coat  protects your car from the elements and provides a long lasting shine.


Tire Shine

As your vehicle exits the tunnel, our tire gloss applicator applies a protective gloss coating to keep your tires shiny and looking their best.

Complimentary After Wash



Self-service vacuums are available as you exit the car wash. The vacuum design allows you to easily clean all areas of your car.


Mat Washing

Get an ultra-clean interior with our mat washing stations, conveniently placed near the vacuum area.